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Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Campaign ... Against Hillary Clinton  The Daily Beast

The gang was all in Orlando for the president's re-election kickoff, and his old 2016 foe was foremost on his mind. Whether that is a winning formula for 2020 ...

Trump reelection rally: He seems to think he’s still up against Hillary  Vox.com

Trump's 2020 kickoff recycled all his old hits from 2016.

Fact-checking Trump's tweet about Hillary Clinton email review  CNN

President Donald Trump returned to one of his favorite foils early Tuesday morning, tweeting out a report of the latest twist in the Hillary Clinton email saga.

Donald Trump's Hillary Clinton-Obsessed 2020 'Launch' Proves 2016 Never Ended  Esquire

By one count, he mentioned her seven times in 30 minutes.

Trump says Clinton was tougher opponent than Biden would be  NBC News

President Donald Trump says he'd rather run for re-election against former Vice President Joe Biden than his 2016 foe, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Is Google manipulating search results to promote a social justice agenda, prevent Trump re-election? - AEI  American Enterprise Institute

The top graphic above show a Google Trends comparison of sea.

Trump Praises ‘Smart’ and ‘Tough’ Hillary Clinton: ‘She Was Ruthless and Vicious’  Mediaite

President Donald Trump had rare praise for Hillary Clinton, his 2016 presidential opponent, in an interview with Chuck Todd that aired on NBC News Sunday. "I.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton haven't paid back Wisconsin taxpayers $75K for 2016 events  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not paid back Wisconsin taxpayers at least $75,000 in police and public ...

Hope Hicks: Trump campaign felt 'relief' after WikiLeaks released damaging info about Hillary Clinton | TheHill  The Hill

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks told the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday that she and members of the Trump campaign were ...

Republicans Defend Trump’s Election Interference Comments by … Blaming Hillary Clinton  Rolling Stone

On Wednesday night, ABC released a clip of President Trump telling George Stephanopolous that he doesn't feel he needs to contact the FBI if a foreign ...

Trump launches 2020 campaign with dig at 2016 rival Hillary Clinton  Axios

President Trump brought his 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton back into his 2020 re-election campaign during his speech on Tuesday, prompting "lock her ...

Trump’s 2020 reelection rally: 2 winners and 4 losers in his speech  Vox.com

Winners from Trump's 2020 kickoff rally: Mitch McConnell, William Barr. Losers: Fake news and any sense of perspective.

What Clinton Did Was Politics. What Trump's Doing Is Treason.  The Daily Beast

Republicans comparing working with a former British intelligence officer to working with an agent of the Kremlin are inviting more Russian interference in our ...

Mayor Pete Buttigieg faces angry crowds at home & Trump compliments Clinton: The Morning Rundown  NBCNews.com

Mayor Pete Buttigieg faces angry crowds at home and President Donald Trump gives Hillary Clinton a rare compliment: The Morning Rundown.

As Trump likens Biden to 'Crooked Hillary,' Biden says Trump era 'has got to end'  Fox News

In what could be a preview of next year's general election campaign for the White House, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump took repeated, personal swipes at ...

Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton 'committed obstruction of justice' but Trump did so 'in much worse fashion' | TheHill  The Hill

Comedian Bill Maher went after President Trump and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday night, saying both “committed ...

What Hillary and Obama Actually Did  American Greatness

By Sebastian Gorka| 2019-06-24T20:01:24-07:00 June 24th, 2019|. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook FacebookShare to Twitter TwitterShare to ...

Trump’s first reelection campaign speech: “Depraved” Democrats “want to destroy you”  Vox.com

President Donald Trump's speech kicking off his reelection campaign Tuesday made clear how he thinks he can win: through scorched-earth negativity and the ...

Trey Gowdy: FBI gave 'two different kinds of defensive briefings' to Trump and Clinton in 2016  Washington Examiner

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy suggested that the FBI gave preferential treatment to Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016 when advising the presidential ...

Kamala Harris wants to ‘prosecute the case’ against Trump. What does that mean?  Los Angeles Times

Kamala Harris says she would expect the Justice Department to pursue charges against Trump.

Hillary Clinton: Trump administration tearing down 'hard-won civil rights'  CNN

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said President Donald Trump's administration is tearing down "hard-won civil rights."

Finley: Trump has the Hillary problem  The Detroit News

"While Clinton failed to woo her own party, Trump's problem is with independents"

Hillary Clinton Initially Cheered When Trump Fired Comey, New Book Reports  The Daily Beast

Hillary Clinton disagrees with Donald Trump over nearly everything except, at least initially, his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey. That's according to an ...

Hillary Clinton Assails Trump in NY Commencement Speech  TIME

Hillary Clinton assailed President Trump in a commencement speech in New York, saying he should be held accountable for defying Congress.

Trump says latest accuser, E. Jean Carroll, is ‘totally lying’ and ‘not my type’  The Washington Post

President Trump on Monday said New York-based writer E. Jean Carroll was “totally lying” when she accused him of sexually assaulting her more than two ...

We should be concerned about emails in 2020 — just not Hillary Clinton’s  The Washington Post

President Trump would like to make someone's email a central issue in the 2020 election, just as it was in 2016. I'm on board — though I disagree with which ...

Himes calls for impeachment inquiry of Trump  The CT Mirror

In a measured speech on the House floor Monday, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, broke ranks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, becoming the first ...

Trump: If Hillary Clinton would've won, US economy would be in a depression  Fox News

This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," June 19, 2019. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. SEAN HANNITY, HOST: You're become a ...

Is John Cusack as Bad as Trump When It Comes to Retweeting Anti-Semitic Images? (Guest Blog)  TheWrap

Like Trump, the actor brought anti-Semitism into a political issue that said more about the tweeter than the tweet.

Eyeing 2020: Will Florida Go For Trump Again?  WJCT NEWS

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump's visit to Orlando to announce his re-election campaign, and as 20 Democratic candidates ascend on Miami for.

FACT CHECK: Did Hillary Clinton Say That If Trump Won, 'We're All Going to Hang from Nooses'?  Snopes.com

The supposed quote eventually became immortalized in meme form and then REALLY took off.

GOWDY: The FBI Gave 'Two Different Defense Briefings' to Hillary, Trump Campaigns in 2016  Sean Hannity

Former Representative Trey Gowdy weighed-in Sunday on the ongoing FISA abuse scandal sweeping the Department of Justice; saying the FBI gave “two ...

Traitor Trump  The Week Magazine

As the Democratic candidates for president take the stage later this week in Miami for their first series of debates, they'll each be looking to distinguish ...

FEC Votes Down Hillary & Trump Victory Fund Investigations  Heavy.com

The FEC Chair has been wanting investigations into Hillary and Trump Victory funds, but another motion to find a state party violated regulations failed today.

Is Trump’s Base the Only Thing Keeping Us From War With Iran?  Observer

A warning from Fox News host Tucker Carlson may have played a pivotal role in President Donald Trump's decision not to attack Iran. According to The New ...

The 7 Ways to Lose a Presidential Debate  TIME

Bad moments at a debate can be devastating. Here are 7 mistakes 2020 Democratic candidates should avoid ahead of their first primary debate.

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Says Rape Allegations Against Donald Trump Need to Be Treated Seriously  Mother Jones

A day after New York magazine published a bombshell story by journalist E. Jean Carroll that detailed when President Donald Trump raped her in the ...

Trump says 52% of women voted for him. That's misleading.  PolitiFact

ABC News' chief anchor George Stephanopoulos spent two days following and interviewing President Donald Trump ahead of Trump's re-election campaign ...

First, fire all the pollsters? Trump doesn't get it. Bad news can save a campaign: Trippi  USA TODAY

Donald Trump hates hearing news that doesn't bode well for him. Does that mean he plans to fly blind everywhere he doesn't like his poll numbers?

Fox News' Jeanine Pirro Defends Trump's Foreign Power Comment, Slams Hillary Clinton For 'Illegally Spying'  Newsweek

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro opened her show Saturday by defending comments made by President Donald Trump regarding if he would notify the FBI if a ...

Hillary Clinton Calls Doctored Pelosi Video ‘Sexist Trash’  Rolling Stone

Hillary Clinton weighed in on the altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that President Trump tweeted out on Friday, calling it “sexist trash.” Speaking to ...

PANTS ON FIRE: Trump's latest California voter fraud claim as baseless as past allegations  PolitiFact

In his recent interview on "Meet the Press", President Donald Trump claimed there's proof to support his repeatedly debunked claim that "serious voter fraud" ...

Hillary Clinton slams Title X 'gag rule': 'It's up to all of us to fight back' | TheHill  The Hill

Hillary Clinton told activists to "fight back" on Friday after a federal judge ruled that the Trump administration could bar Title X providers from offering abortion ...

These 11 Mueller Report Myths Just Won’t Die. Here’s Why They’re Wrong  TIME

Two former federal prosecutors debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding the Mueller report on obstruction, collusion, and more.

Republicans in Nevada gearing up for Trump reelection  KRNV My News 4

Despite Democratic election wins across Nevada last year, Republicans are banking on President Donald Trump's enthusiastic supporters, a united GOP ...

Bear cub receives police escort after stopping traffic in North Carolina  KGBT-TV

POPLAR BRANCH, North Carolina (STORYFUL) -- Police in Poplar Branch, North Carolina, provided an escort to a young bear cub after it wandered into traffic ...

Hillary Clinton quotes legendary Irish poet WB Yeats as she attacks 'rough beast' Donald Trump  Irish Post

DONALD Trump may have launched his 2020 re-election in Florida last night, but the US President's war of words with 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary ...

Mick Mulvaney Was Red-Flagged by Trump's Transition Team  Newsweek

Before joining the White House, Mick Mulvaney was so critical of President Donald Trump that there were question marks over his suitability for a role in the ...

Lara Trump: Joe Biden tanking earlier than expected, 'maybe he regrets now even deciding to run'  Fox News

Former Vice President Joe Biden's popularity is taking a hit from recent gaffes, and the 2020 hopeful may be having second thoughts, according to Lara Trump.

Woman tackled after running on the field to hug Dodgers' Cody Bellinger  WHP Harrisburg

LOS ANGELES (STORYFUL)- A woman was tackled to the ground by security at Dodger Stadium on June 23 after running onto the field to hug Los Angeles star ...

Jeanine Pirro: The judge who speaks Trump's language  Washington Post

On Fox News's “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” Pirro is the defender who's always on offense.

What if Donald Trump swapped Mike Pence for Nikki Haley?  CNN

The headline of an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Monday says it all: "Trump-Haley 2020."

Kirsten Gillibrand: Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign 'did a lot right'  Washington Examiner

2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand praised Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign against President Trump, pointing to how she won the popular vote even ...

Snake 'taken into custody' after Cape Coral, Florida police respond to complaint  KGBT-TV

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (STORYFUL) - A red-tailed boa constrictor was “taken into custody” after police said they responded to a complaint in Cape Coral, Florida, ...

Five reasons Trump won’t win in 2020  MarketWatch

Tim Mullaney offers five reasons Donald Trump won't be re-elected, beginning with the fact that most voters don't like him.

Clarence Page: On abortion, voters still lean to the wobbly middle  Denton Record Chronicle

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is taking heat and light for his recent switcheroo on abortion rights. But Biden is hardly alone in his inconsistency ...

Ivanka Trump’s surprising link to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer revealed  Express.co.uk

IVANKA TRUMP may be the daughter of US President Donald Trump – but she has a surprising link to his Democrat nemesis Hillary Clinton, a book has ...

Media challenge Trump on Iran  Fox News

This is a rush transcript from "Media Buzz," June 23, 2019. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: On the Buzz ...

Trump Fan Andy Stein Says He 'Can't Judge' Sex Assault Claims  The Daily Beast

Andrew Stein, who advised Trump in the Wall Street Journal to choose Nikki Haley as his next VP, confirms that former Clinton pollster Mark Penn met with ...

Dear Democrats, Here's How to Guarantee Trump's Reelection  Politico

You've got a historically unpopular opponent in the White House, but there are nearly a dozen ways you could still blow this.

Trump DHS Secretary McAleenan gave to solely Democrats for years, FEC filings show  Washington Examiner

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, who was accused of sabotaging the Trump administration's deportation operation because of a personal ...

The origins of the Russia investigation, explained  The Week Magazine

Attorney General William Barr wants to find out why the Russia probe began. Here's everything you need to know: When did the investigation start? The FBI ...

Graham: Trump Was Wrong To Say He'd Take Intel From Foreign Agent, And Hillary Was Wrong To Actually Do It  The Daily Wire

On Wednesday, President Trump made a comment that ended up earning him rebukes from both sides of the aisle.

Princess Diana Never Liked Donald Trump, Here's Why  The Cheat Sheet

When Donald Trump visited the U.K. in early June, he was met with a wave of protests. Princess Diana was way ahead of the curve on disliking Trump.

Pirro Pummeled Sessions After He Blocked DOJ Gig  TPM

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro has a well-documented, tight relationship with President Trump, stemming from a 25-year-long friendship.

After This Video Exposed A Google Executive, The Election Meddling Call Is Coming From Inside The House  Townhall

We've all known that Big Tech has a liberal bias. Silicon Valley is loaded with progressives. Though they hate conservatives, these techies also like making ...

Hillary: Trump Is Spreading 'Sexist Trash'  The Daily Wire

On Friday, Hillary Clinton came to the defense of fellow Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by throwing down the "sexism" card against the man who stole ...

Hillary Clinton asks Trump why he's so 'obsessed' with her after announcing no 2020 bid  USA TODAY

The rivalry between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was on full display once again after Trump took to Twitter to comment.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump, Barr and Parts of Mueller Report  The New York Times

Hillary Clinton sharply criticized Attorney General William P. Barr, President Trump, members of the Republican Party and some findings of the Mueller report on ...

Hillary Clinton Rips Trump For Spreading 'Sexist Trash' With Nancy Pelosi Smear  HuffPost

Hillary Clinton rebuked President Donald Trump and his “cronies” for spreading doctored footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in an effort to smear ...

Hillary Clinton mocks president: ‘China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?’  The Washington Post

At a news conference in July 2016, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump famously called for Russia's assistance in finding Hillary Clinton's ...

'This is personal for me': Hillary Clinton urges caution on Trump impeachment  USA TODAY

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Democrats to proceed with caution when it comes to the possibility of impeaching President Donald Trump in the ...

Mueller Report Reveals Trump’s Fixation on Targeting Hillary Clinton  The New York Times

The president repeatedly sought to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions reopen the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server.

Trump: Russia would've preferred Hillary Clinton as president  POLITICO

If they had anything on me, it would have come out a long time ago,” Trump said of Russia during his first post-Mueller interview.

The Clintons Are Nervous About 2020  The Atlantic

At a gathering in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, Bill Clinton said it is time to fight a battle with “our oldest demons.”

Trump: I hope Barr will 'do what's fair' with regards to investigating Hillary Clinton  POLITICO

President Donald Trump said in an interview that aired Friday he hopes Attorney General William Barr will “do what's fair” with regards to opening investigations ...

Trump campaign attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s private emails  The Washington Post

President Trump pushed for obtaining Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's private emails, and his campaign was in touch with allies who were pursuing them, ...

Pete Buttigieg just nailed what Hillary Clinton did wrong in 2016  CNN

Pete Buttigieg is on a roll of late. And that extends to his spot-on analysis of why Democrats -- and Hillary Clinton in particular -- lost the 2016 election to ...

Trump needles Jerry Nadler on probes into Clinton's missing emails  New York Post

President Trump renewed his attacks on House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler on Friday in a tweet that suggested that Hillary Clinton's missing emails were still ...

Seth Meyers Ridicules Donald Trump Over Continued Obsession With Hillary Clinton  HuffPost

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Tuesday mocked President Donald Trump's continued fixation with Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival in the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton Hits Back At Donald Trump With List Of 'Real National Emergencies'  HuffPost

Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus of disapproval surrounding President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency to fund his promised ...

Fake Hillary Clinton Prison Dollar Bill Signed by Trump Hits Auction Block  TMZ

How's this for timing -- the mocked-up dollar bill showing Hillary Clinton behind bars and signed by President Trump has been put up for auction ... just moments ...

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here’s how to respond.  The Washington Post

Our election was corrupted, our democracy assaulted, our sovereignty and security violated. This is the definitive conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller ...

Before you run against Trump, you have to run against Hillary (if you’re a woman)  The Washington Post

Just hours after Elizabeth Warren announced her plans to run for president, a question began surfacing about a possible weakness. It wasn't derived from ...

'Like I said: A puppet,' Hillary Clinton tweets after recent reports about Trump, Russia  USA TODAY

President Donald Trump's vanquished 2016 Democratic opponent appears to be relishing his recent difficulties with news reports about his relationship with ...

Clinton tweets 'Mean Girls' image after Trump mocks her 2020 decision | TheHill  The Hill

Hillary Clinton fired back on Tuesday after President Trump mocked her decision not to run for president again in 2020.

The End of Mueller’s Probe Renewed the Right’s Hillary Clinton Obsession  New York Magazine

My first real understanding of the conservative obsession with the personal destruction of Hillary Rodham Clinton came in Des Moines, on the eve of the 2016 ...

Trump Campaign’s Hilarious 404 Page Features Hillary Clinton as POTUS: ‘Oops! This is Awkward’  Independent Journal Review

President Trump's 2020 campaign 404 page poked fun at Hillary Clinton, putting a picture up of the former candidate saying "this is awkward."

Mueller Report Showed Donald Trump Was Fixated on Finding Hillary Clinton's Emails  TIME

Of all Donald Trump's favorite talking points on the 2016 campaign trail, there were few he revisited as frequently as his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's emails.

Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Says Biden Is Just Like Hillary and Will Lose in 2020. Polls Suggest Otherwise  Newsweek

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said he was unimpressed with Joe Biden's chances of capturing the Democratic presidential nomination ...

Hillary Clinton Talked to the FBI, but Trump Refused  Washington Monthly

On Saturday, July 2, 2016, Hillary Clinton walked into FBI headquarters and submitted to a three and a half hour interview about her handling of emails and ...

Hillary Clinton suggests talks with Iran as Trump threatens force  Fox News

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton indicated on Monday that the United States should be engaging in more diplomacy with Iran.

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again  BuzzFeed News

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Joe Biden is running for president with a strategy that failed Hillary Clinton in 2016: taking on Donald Trump as a morally unfit president who ...

Here's why Hillary Clinton 4.0 is a terrible idea  CNN

On Sunday, two former advisers to Hillary Clinton made a bold claim in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Here it is:

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?  POLITICO

In recent months, some reporters who cover the Trump White House have received phone calls from the last person they would expect: Hillary Clinton. The 2016 ...

Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn't get away with it.  USA TODAY

Trump's public request for Russian help in finding Hillary Clinton's emails was a violation of US law. There are ways to hold him accountable.

Howard Stern Says He Helped Donald Trump Win in 2016 but Wishes He Could Have Made Hillary Clinton President  Newsweek

"I wanted to see Hillary Clinton win," Stern said. "If she had come on the show — the way I helped Donald was I let him come on and be a personality."

Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump: 'You asked Russia to hack me'  USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton reacted incredulously Thursday to President Donald Trump's assertion that she conspired with the Russians to interfere in the ...

Echoes of Clinton Emails in the Mueller Report's End  The Atlantic

Half of the electorate is likely to reject Attorney General William Barr's decision on obstruction.